IMG_2889 superYou


Two years. Two years+ in Austin leading up to this day. Today is the day we will be giving back our first superYou capes to ten creative, talented, SUPER teenage girls who participated in our first Austin superYou workshop. I am beside myself with excitement!

This day represents countless hours of time. Time invested in each of these girls. Time invested in this organization that creates moments of beauty and magic, power and awareness for kids who really need to see that they matter. For who they are. Not for what they just happen to be going through.

This day represents the hearts of the “A-Team” – the core group of 3 volunteers who have put their needs aside to come aboard the wild ride that is art2love. Who have sacrificed time with their kids to show these kids love, and to honor their dreams.

This day represents love. Love and persistence. Love and strength. Love and art. art2love.