Pearce & Bopso

Cancer patient Pearce couldn’t believe her eyes when her Christmas tree, “Bopso” came to life as an artling. When she saw “Bopso” for the first time, she flopped back on the bed and just stared at it, comparing each part to her drawing. Pearce’s smile radiates her approval.


Pearce and Bopso

Pearce bopso114

Atlanta & Princess

Altana was a flurry of activity, making a short pit-stop to create her “Princess” before heading off to chemo. She bonded instantly with her creation.

Altana princess121

Altana with princess copy

Asha & Water Woman

Asha envisioned herself as “WaterWoman”, her superpower featuring torrents of water forcefully spraying from her hands.  Her cape brought her fantasy into reality, cloaking her with confidence and the power to change her inner dialogue.

Water Woman

Asha's emblem

Asha's hero

Brandyn & Shane

Brandyn took a break during his chemo treatment to chat with us and draw a picture of his hero, baseball player for the Phillies Shane Victorino. He relayed a story of how he met Shane at a playoff game, and told us it was the best day of his life. Upon receiving his Shane look-alike, he proceeded to “play baseball” with him and taught him how to play Nintendo. đŸ™‚

Brandon Shane120

Brandyn Shane glove

Marcus & ______

Shuffled from foster home to foster home for most of his life, Marcus craved the love of “forever parents”. He and his sister were finally adopted shortly before we met him at a superYou workshop. Full of personality and energy, Marcus’ superhero ________. His art, cape and photo won a creativity award at a 2011 Annual Juried Art Show.

Superhero Cape05

Marcus cape