super YOU project

art2love coordinator leads a super-hero themed drawing workshop during which the kids design their own super-hero capes. During this process, the kids uncover the super-hero within themselves through art and discussion. Each cape is unique, reflecting each child’s inner strengths.
After the capes have been created by our artists, each child proudly sports it in a photo shoot acting out
the qualities they possess as a super-hero. The resulting photos and the original drawings are displayed in an exhibit. This allows the children, their families and the entire community to come together to support their personal visions.

artlings initiative

Artlings are children’s imaginations come to life. An art2love coordinator meets with each child and empowers them to create an artling- anything they want, using whatever art supplies they choose. As the children draw, the art2love coordinator engages them to talk about their work.
Once the artwork is completed, each drawing is assigned to an artist volunteer. Bringing the art to life is a 6-10 hour process, depending on the complexity of the drawing. All artlings are hand crafted with quality materials and love.
When the artlings have been completed, the art2love coordinator returns and meets with the children, presenting them with their artlings. Each artling is accompanied by a detachable, custom, hang tag which shows a miniature of the child’s original drawing, name, age and title of the piece. This artling then becomes a constant companion, always at hand as they receive chemo, sharing in play from reading a book to scoring points on Nintendo, being clutched tightly as
the lights go out in the homeless shelter . . .